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Karta Fredrika is a union catalogue for eleven municipal libraries in Vaasa coastal region in Finland.
The municipalities are bilingual (Swedish/Finnish). The book collections reflect the linguistic composition of the municipalities. Altogether there are over 1 million books in the Fredrika libraries. The union catalogue is updated with records once a week while the borrowing status of the books is continually updated.

Fredrika functions as a network, consisting of equal member libraries with no central library.
Number of member libraries with branch libraries and mobile libraries: 51
Number of staff in the libraries: 87


The Database is located at a software company (Abilita) in Jakobstad.

Specialities in Fredrika in general

  • 1st free public library Internet www-catalogue in Finland
  • Books published in Swedish and Finnish in Finland
  • Books published in Sweden
  • Books about Finland and Scandinavia
  • Networking & co-operation between libraries

The municipal libraries in the union catalogue are:

  • Jakobstad with 19,623 inhabitants
  • Korsholm 18,868 inhabitants
  • Korsnäs 2,249 inhabitants
  • Kristinestad 7,096 inhabitants
  • Kronoby 6,681 inhabitants
  • Larsmo 4,921inhabitants
  • Malax 5,614 inhabitants
  • Nykarleby 7,516 inhabitants
  • Närpes 9,412 inhabitants
  • Pedersöre 10,937 inhabitants
  • Vörå 6,743 inhabitants

Together these municipalities have about 100,000 inhabitants, of whom 78 % are Swedish speakers and a further 21% Finnish speakers. Swedish is a minority language in Finland, spoken by about 300,000 of the country's 5 Million inhabitants. Finland is officially a bilingual country.

Interlibrary Loans from libraries within Fredrika must be requested directly from a member library, using e-mail. Loans are only made to other libraries - not directly to private users.

We recommend the web services provided by the finnish public libraries at

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